Our project coffee from El Salvador

"Café y Salud" @ Finca El Cerro

A special partnership project by Rehm & Co and Finca El Cerro from El Salvador / Apaneca llamatepec. Owner Fernando Escobar started the project „Café y Salud“ in November 2019 for the new harvest season. Already with the last container in May 2019 Rehm & Co contributed the capital needed for the inital beginning.

The aim is to protect the health of permanent employees and to improve them in the long term. Rehm & Co supports this project with the purchase of its coffees with an extra bonus. The surcharge flows 1: 1 into this project. The project will benefit its eight permanent employees and their families. They will be able to go to the doctor at least twice a year to check up or take preventive measures. The focus is particularly on gastrointestinal diseases caused by contaminated water sources and lack of vitamins due to poor nutrition.

As soon as more financial resources are available, the „Café y Salud“ project can be expanded to include even more people, e.g. from the nearby village. Above all, the extraction of clean drinking water should be promoted in the coming years, e.g. through the collection and treatment of rainwater on the finca. The coffee for this project can be recognized by the blue label PROJECT COFFEE on the bags.

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