Latest Arrivals from El Salvador

Now available...

Fantastic news today! [ LATEST ARRIVALS aka SPOT ] The fresh crop of your most favorite coffees from Finca El Cerro / El Salvador has finally arrived in Hamburg and is from now on available!

You may have already tried them when you visited us at our booth at the WOC in Athens…. If you didn't make it to the WOC this year, or didn't make it to our booth in time for the Finca El Cerro Tasting session, that's no problem. Let us know and we'll be happy to send you a sample.

Finca El Cerro Pacamara Black Honey
A complex floral black tea note,dried plum sweetness and a refreshing blackberry finish.

Finca El Cerro Café y Salud Project Coffee
A coffee with notes of creamy caramel, chocolate and juicy oranges. A medium body with a sweet cocoa aftertaste.

Finca El Cerro Pacamara Dry Fermentation
Intense notes of mango and cherry with hints of rum in the aftertaste.

Finca El Cerro Pacamara Natural
Bright red currant flavors with a heavy amarena sweetness and hints of jasmine blossom.

Finca El Cerro Pacamara Don Fernando Sr.
This floral Pacamara comes with notes of green tea, grapefruit and a honey sweetness.

Finca El Cerro Pacamara Anaerobic Lot 1
A juicy but tangy coffee with green apple acidity and a ginger, cinnamon finish.

Always feel free to reach out to us via info [at] rehmcoffee.de for any further questions about our green coffee assortment.

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