Supply Chain Crisis

Where is my coffee?

Significant delays continue in the entire supply chain! All coffee deliveries are currently delayed. Main Ports are working slower als usual and the global lack of available ships and container leads to an enormous increase on freight rates for further shipments.

Fewer ships, almost no empty containers, even fewer workers...

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has caused a global supply chain crises and impacted worldwide deliveries. In early 2020, producers all around the world slowed down their production. Back in June 2020 when Asia started recovering from the pandemic situation and their strict lockdown, they quickly got back into producing goods which resulted in a significant increase of imports in Europe and in North America. This imbalance of demand has caused massive stress on shipping routes from Asia to these ports.

More than 80% of the world’s goods are transported by sea. Maersk announced that there‘s no end in sight to the supply chain crisis. They argue that the crisis is caused by various factors such as the limited availability of empty containers, ports operating slower as usual (due to a great lack of workforce), but also by massive traffic jams at these ports, because there are no truck drivers around that can pick up these goods. Experts predict that the latter will result in even higher prices for transportation and a slow flow of goods. Some argue this situation can last 6 - 8 more months. We‘ll surely keep you updated about further developments.

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