We're back!

...from WOC'23 in Athens!

What an event...

We‘re back from Athens! And still overwhelmed by all the impressions we brought home from World of Coffee in Greece! Currently we‘re getting ourselves together for a short while before we hit the ground running again.

A huge thanks to everyone who came by to visit us at our booth. We were very happy to see familiar faces from all over the world again, but also to have met many new members of the coffee family. It was once again great to meet all the community again. Interesting conversations and coffee tastings in person with you, our producers and roasters are what we love most about this event.

Many thanks go to our producers, friends and partners, without whom this whole event would not have been possible at all! You couldn‘t wish for better partners and friends:

We would like to especially highlight Samba Coffee Roasters from Athens for their unlimited helpfulness and friendship, Vollers Logistik Hamburg and Aillio Roasters from Denmark for their special support for our evening event, Fernando (Finca El Cerro), Gaudam (Muraho Trading), Christoph Hamm (Bariguna Coffee), Juan (Tierra de Cafe), Martha (Cafetos de Segovia), Carolina and Alex (Finca El Olmo), and Sprout Coffee Roasters from the Netherlands for having soooo much fun with you guys at our booth!

Furthermore, many thanks for the support of Kees van der Westen, who generously provided us with one of their fantastic espresso machines this year to be able to prepare extra drinks for the whole community.

We already can‘t wait until the next WOC in Copenhagen 2024... See you there!

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