#behindthescenes @ Rehm & Co.

An internship at a green coffee trading company...

Thank you so much Zosia, our intern from Poland, for your fantastic support!

Internships are a great way to gain experience in the coffee business, therefore we invited Zosia for a sneak peak into the life as an employee at Rehm & Co. Feel free to scroll further down, and read more about the daily work at Rehm & Co. Zosia took the time to reflect a bit on her time here at our office and coffee lab, and shared some of her thoughts and learnings…

"Hi, my name is Zosia and I want to tell you my story about the internship at Rehm & Co. I came to Hamburg from Poland. It was a huge step for me. Different work in a different city and even in a different country. All that changed for the whole month. My main goal was to find out how the business life looks from the inside. I´ve just finished school and I had to decide what I want to do in the future. From the first days all my worries were disappearing. Everyone was so kind and they were all trying to show me the part of their everyday work. I started from the small things like grinding coffee or helping with the photoshoots. My absolutely favorite days were when I was spending time in the coffee lab. There I had my own small morning routine. Firstly I was preparing coffee for the cuppings: weighing it, than graining into a perfect size, and pouring the water in a specified temperature. Everything had to be measured and done in a specific timing. I was very happy when I could also take part in the cuppings. This internship turned out not to be just the lesson about the exchange, marketing and logistics. I also found out many interesting things about coffee. I had no idea that coffee can have so many completely different tastes, and that´s what I´ve learned during cuppings. All of them smell different, have a different taste and even stay in mouth for a longer or shorter time. Impressive experience! Which furthermore, I was preparing the samples for the clients or supporting the marketing department, where I was learning more about customer service. I also had many tasks like preparing the data for the invoices, certificates, or finding new clients on the polish market. I got an interesting insight by conversations with the co-workers. This internship was a valuable and unforgettable adventure for me, and it also gave me a lot of motivation and self-confidence. I would highly recommend it."

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